Thứ Hai, 21 tháng 3, 2016

Skywire 3!

Adventure and thrill of Skywire game is unforgettable! So now to give you more fun, the latest versionSkywire 3 has come!! It features new obstacles, levels and options! The main goal is same as the first version. You have to transport the passenger with the chairlift to their destination! So play the game and show your skills. Gun Mayhem

At the beginning, the passengers will enter into the chairlift. The journey will start then. There will be so many obstacles and you have to escape them. You cannot touch them and cannot fall down. Use various button of your keyboard, use the UP ARROW key to go forward and use the DOWN ARROW key to go backward. When you get a broken track you have to jump to the other side so that you won’t fall. To do it you need to use the SPACE button.

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