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Dead Trigger 2
But the launch was a long time Dead Trigger 2 is always name in the choice of lovers shooter series. The game was developed by Madfinger and achieved countless successes, large and small, as well as prizes in the world.

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The game takes place in the city of the zombie pandemic was beyond control, can imagine almost like in the movie The Walking Dead. You, the protagonist must go in search of survivors and co-founded a new base after the former site was destroyed.

Regarding the gameplay, to maximize control mechanism to easily experience the game, Dead Trigger 2 has automatic firing mode, instead of bullets and your job just as well as the gun control movement direction, change guns when necessary. And this change has helped a lot of new players to the game the first time.

Graphics, unreal engine technology on mobile devices has caused a strong impression when shown images brilliantly and very detailed. Requires hardware nor too large can make your games run "smoother" even with the device configured midrange.

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