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Game Sonic Dash

Sonic Jump Fever game for Android is one of the most sought after games in recent times. With animation titles are making craze in the online community. Coming to this game you have to overcome obstacles in order to be able to pass the various interesting scenarios in the fascinating gameplay and fun sound with extremely great graphics will certainly bring your most wonderful moments with friends and their loved ones. So what are you hesitate any longer without quick hands and free download games and experience the wonderful feelings that only in Sonic Jump.

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In Sonic Jump Fever game you will have the opportunity to join the fire explosive race against the clock to turn back. Compete with Sonic and friends in the explosions which at high speed vertical jumping mayhem than ever. Sonic Jump Fever Come and prove to us that you are the most amazing best with his wits. And together we crack for huge combos to blast to the highest score through friends. Let's use boosters, or upgrade character abilities to maximize your score. Sonic Jump Fever Let any of you!

Play as Sonic or Knuckles and a host of celebrities. Migration and upgrade his abilities to help them soar to the sky. Recruit legendary Chao from the Sonic universe. Find all the Chao to help you beat badniks, or search for hidden rings with many more unique abilities. It's a completely new experience with Sonic Jump features quick to explode the race against time and compete with friends for the highest score. Sonic Jump Fever play and sent via Leaderboard scores that you share with your friends as well as everyone has the same exciting hobby.

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