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Chibi Special Teams

According to its own sources that we just received, mobile online games will be Vega Special Teams Game Chibi released and officially opened in the next 15/06. Currently, interested readers were able to track relevant information at the homepage of the game or download and install the game before the release date.Free Online Games

The special ownership graphics Chibi close and accessible, landscape design in the game is quite detailed, combined with bright colors creating a fantasy landscape with great splendor. Fighting game screen in the form of horizontal, but the mechanism is integrated dance, make a character can freely move in 4 directions feels exciting adventure. And special point to mention that moves beautifully, inter stimulus moves, combos very creative.

Special pet system in Chibi extremely diverse team with many types of dragons, lynx, unicorn can promote evolution, change shape. The dragon cute boy will turn into strong, the crabs suddenly turned weak due to the increasingly rigid tremendous. Other features are a player can summon up to 3 pet once. Each pet has a different attacks that can be made for gamers to choose the squad headache like that for himself.

Overall, Chibi Special Teams also bring many interesting accents in play when compared to similar products on the market was launched. Can not assess the level of success the game launched, but it is also a new playground for Vietnamese gamers choose.

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