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Knight Age Online

he Knight Age Online pc game  ( MMORPG) is one of the best games on the market as of right now. It is fun, fast and the kind of action that every guy gets a pleasure out of dishing it out every once in awhile on a stick. This game is simple for the most part in that you use the mouse for not only aiming purposes, but also for lancing techniques, so it is usually a lovely day when you don’t have to sit around playing a game and wondering where and what is what.

Knight Age can be slow at times, but once it starts, it is extra fast and a cartoon thriller from start to finish. Knight Age Online branched out and actually put a lot of effort into their graphics and design department as most games not only look like this online, but games background designs far exceed almost any game I have ever seen on pc online gaming world.

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This game has four different characters, The Knight, The Archer, The Magician, and The Warrior and they all bring something different to the game. The Knight likes to use the fancy weapons like different kinds of knives and things of that sort, while The Archer loves to bow his arrow.

The magician name speaks for itself as the magician makes everything disappear from the game that the user is presently in from afar and The Warrior is just a warrior who is eerily similar to the Knight in this game. Their characters are sort of the same, with just different move sets and capability, not to mention The Knight power meter goes down way slower than the Warriors, which is what anyone playing this game has to b on the lookout for.

I would recommend this game to everyone I know and I would also give this game 4 out of 5 stars in the meantime.

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