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DEAD TARGET: Zombie built the world scene in 2040, World War III going on, promoting the industry of modern warfare entered a new era. After the Minister of Defense signed with the company implementing the project CS die objective: convert prisoners to cruel murderers. Surprise CS blatantly betrayed the treaty and threatened to trigger undead epidemic if the president does not listen to them. The era of destruction began.

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Doom is approaching when CS infected a city to prove his words. A commando team was hired to the battlefield to collect information before the army launched a campaign to counterattack - Apocalypse. After all, only you and agent M is survivors. Find your way to escape hell, pass the land of death, at M and clear the way for reinforcements, or you'll be reunited with you in streams of gold. Be careful with the surroundings, the undead wandering hero hungry for blood.

Basically, the gameplay of Dead Target summarized in one word "toxic". A FPS game where the player can not move quite strange at first hearing. The game is inspired by BeachHead 2000, one name had been associated with gamers Vietnam some time ago. You will not be able to move even one foot, which helps increase the challenge of high and new experiences rather than style "kite flying" shoot-run-shoot familiar.

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